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Nanoleaf Essentials | Smart BR30 | 750Lm | White | 2700K-6500K | 120V | E26, NA | 3 Pack

Product Overview

Enjoy bright whites and endless colours with these Thread and Matter-enabled smart colour changing LED Light Bulbs that's simple to set up, and easy to control.

- Works with Matter over Thread
- Control via App or Voice
- 16+ Million Colours and Tunable Whites
- More Customization via Nanoleaf App

Requires a Matter compatible smart home hub, thread border router and iOS/tvOS 16.5+ or Android OS 8.1+ to connect to a smart home ecosystem.

Examples of Matter hubs that double as thread border routers include the Apple HomePod mini, Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) & Amazon Echo (4th Gen). 

For control with just the Nanoleaf App, only Bluetooth is required.

What's in the Box?

  • [3] Matter BR30 | E26 Smart Bulbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Works great out of box. But currently experiencing poor connectivity

No Apple HomeKit Adaptive Lighting support

Says it’s compatible with Apple HomeKit, but doesn’t have support for Apple’s adaptive lighting feature. Also not the easiest pairing/setup experience.

Hoi Wai Yan
Nice lighbulbs

I like them working with matters
Working great so far!

Jeremy Tirrell
Constantly falling off network

I have now replaced my wifi ap’s and added a home pod to my network. I have moved everything off my unifi ap’s to the same flat network. Removed the vlans. I have 18 of these bulbs and am extremely disappointed. Govee or something else would have worked just as well.

Lights just don’t work and supports just disappears - Matter version only

Matter Version - Lights just don’t work and supports just disappears. The light disconnect from the matter network randomly everything time I change the color (work fine if I don’t change the color and only turn on or off and/or dim.) I’ve tried factory resetting and using Apple Home and SmartThings. Contacted support through chat and email and they just disappear when I say I just want to return and I’m done troubleshooting. Don’t waste your money on the Matter version. I have several of the thread version of the bulbs and they work great.



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