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Nanoleaf light panels PCB Flexible linkers 9pcs | Accessories | Global

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Product Overview

Take your Nanoleaf Light Panels to the next level. Create a multi-dimensional design with your panels: bend around corners, stretch to the ceiling (requires Screw Mount Kit), mount to angled surfaces, maybe even create something a little radical.

What's in the Box?

  • [9] Flexible Linkers for Nanoleaf Light Panels

Use in place of the standard linkers that ship with your Nanoleaf Light Panels product—each linker bends up to 180 degrees. Learn more about Nanoleaf Light Panels at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Light Panels product line.

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Delayed shipment


They work for the original panels (triangles) not the newer shapes or triangles. I believe these original product line has been discontinued and phased out. I ordered these to replace a few broken linkers I had, on the pretense they were discontinued (but still in stock). Apparently they went out of stock after I ordered them before they shipped, so I waited a couple weeks or longer to receive mine after they somehow came back in stock. (i received mine in a separate mailer from other replacement parts I ordered for my original set (rhythm module, power supply), so I'm not sure what the issue was. Almost seemed like they just got someone to send me theirs lol... Anyways. They work, but they leave a gap between the panels where they flex, if you aren't planning on putting them at 90° angles. I just have mine flat, and they put a small gap between the panels. It's not horrible, and I don't have my panels in a noticeable place to notice it that bad. Ohwell, it's still nice to have extras

Works great

Works great to have my panels curve around the corner

Jared Otto
come on

it would have been nice to know that they were only for certain panels and not just light panels, there is know place where it is specified to not be for shape panels

Hello Jared, We are genuinely sorry for the confusion. This is the last thing we want to have our customers experience, and we understand where you're coming from. Is there any way we can contact you so we can get this right for you?

Great linkers

Great product that I use to make use of space in the corner of my room to link my light panels.

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