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Nanoleaf Essentials | Smart A19 Bulb | NA- 800Lm | White | 2700K-6500K | 120V | E26 | MATTER |

Product Overview

Enjoy bright whites and endless colors with this Thread and Matter-enabled smart color changing LED Light Bulb that's simple to set up, and easy to control.

- Works with Matter over Thread
- Control via App or Voice
- 16+ Million Colors and Tunable Whites
- More Customization via Nanoleaf App

Requires a Matter compatible smart home hub, thread border router and iOS/tvOS 16.5+ or Android OS 8.1+ to connect to a smart home ecosystem.

Examples of Matter hubs that double as thread border routers include the Apple HomePod mini, Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) & Amazon Echo (4th Gen). See more examples in the Tech Specs below.
For control with just the Nanoleaf App, only Bluetooth is required.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Matter A19 | E26 Smart Bulb

Customer Reviews

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Some trouble pairing at first and setting up in HomeKit. But once that got resolved everything is working as expected!


Only connects via Bluetooth and so will not connect to Apple home :-(

Hopefully this one lasts

Bought a set of 3 Homekit bulbs. 2 have died under warranty and been replaced. This is the second. Hopefully the newer bulbs last longer because my warranty expires soon. The matter bulb seems to work well. It is responsive and paired without too much hassle.

Stuart R Dole
Good in the end

OK, this is a long-ish review.
A couple of years ago I bought a pair of Nanoleaf bulbs for the bedroom - to serve as reading lights, as well as dim night lights for when we had to get up. We’ve gradually become an “Apple home” - with a couple of 1st generation HomePods in the bedroom as well. The original bulbs integrated well into HomeKit (now called “Home”), and we could ask Siri to set the lights - by name - to whatever level of brightness we wanted.
Then the bulbs aged, and their power supply to the LEDs began to go on the fritz. The lights would flicker a lot, but sometimes settle down to a steady level, usually not the level we wanted. Then sometimes they wouldn’t turn off.
I called Nanoleaf, and after several email exchanges (including a video of the flickering lights) they sent the two new bulbs that prompted this review.
Alas - trying to integrate the new bulbs into HomeKit failed. The error message said things about needing a “border router”. A what?
So it turns out that during the time since I bought the original bulbs technology has “advanced”. Sigh. After some time with Google I learned that the new system depends on “Thread” as a transport layer and “Matter” as the higher level layer of a way to control “the internet of things” - IoT. So, what to do?
Our house doesn’t have “Thread”. Our HomePods are all 1st generation (which can manage Matter but not Thread), and we don’t do TV (newer Apple TVs can do it). Our mesh WiFi network is older (and works great, thank you) and though newer mesh WiFI hardware does Thread, ours doesn’t.
OK, in order to use the new bulbs I need a Thread border router. This is getting expensive, just to have lights that work. Back to Google.
The least expensive border router turned out to be the Zemismart M1 Hub. About $50. So I got one. After several days of trial and lots of error I figured out it wouldn’t do the border routing thing. It’s a cool little unit, and perfect if you’re a hobbyist into Zigbee and other home automation games. And maybe a network engineer too. The vendor refunded my money (many thanks!).
So, back to Google. The next cheapest border router is an Apple HomePod mini - about $100 retail, $70 used ($85 after shipping and tax). I bit the bullet and ordered a used one. Just to get my bedroom lights to work.
And I waited and waited. Turned out the used HomePod mini came from Montana, and the shipping post office was snowed in for a week. Once it was on its way, it spent an extra day in a distribution center in LA, but finally arrived.
I have no use for another speaker - I’m only using it for the border router feature. And since it was a used unit I had to find out how to reset it to its original factory settings - then it was pretty easy to get it set up in my LAN.
So, after many days of messing with network foo, and $85, the bedroom lights work! And they work a lot better than the old ones - they respond a lot faster, hold a steady brightness, and the “gamma” for low levels is a lot better too. (Gamma is the relation between the light output and the level you told it to set.)
So finally we’re happy with them. Yay!

Todd Hagen

great service and support. Thank you!



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