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Nanoleaf DMX Adapter

Your DMX universe is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Introducing the Nanoleaf DMX Adapter, purpose-built with the needs of commercial and event lighting professionals in mind. Connect your Nanoleaf Light Panels to the DMX Adapter, and the Adapter to a DMX512-compatible control board to add this immersive lighting experience to your universe.


  • Red, Green, Blue, and White are individually addressed as DMX channels
  • Each adapter supports up to 30 panels (128 panels max per DMX universe)
  • Panels are autodiscovered on bootup (Nanoleaf App not required)
  • DMX512-compatible control board not included, and required for proper operation

Please note that this is a professional lighting product, and is not intended for use in the home. Nanoleaf Light Panels are not included with this product.

You can learn more about the Nanoleaf DMX Adapter here.