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Nanoleaf Elements | Hexagons | SMK | Birchwood | 7 Pack | CA/USA

Product Overview

Wood look panels are designed to add an elegant and organic feel to your home. Choose from a range of warm to cool lighting options to illuminate your space with a natural glow. Made to look beautiful on or off.

What's in the Box?

  • [7] Elements wood look hexagon panels
  • [1] Elements Controller
  • [1] 120V Power Supply (2-prong Canada/USA plug)
  • [8] Linkers for connecting panels and Controller
  • [8] Double-sided adhesive Mounting Tape
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

Each standard 42W PSU supports up to 22 Elements hexagon panels (1.91W per panel). Each Controller supports up to 80 panels total. Learn more about Nanoleaf Elements at

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Yifang Zhang

Hexagon Smarter Kit

Dr Adrian Krishnasamy
Addictive and Mesmerizing!

Creates a sense of calm and relaxation !

Joshua Collier
Love them!

The panels are a great addition to add some vibrant serenity to any space they are put in. The modular design is also very nice when it comes to designing your own personal patter to fit your liking! My only reservation would be that while the panels lighting color and pattern sequence is fully customizable, it’s a little difficult to figure out at first and takes some getting used to but overall this is a great product!

Will Allen
Not as I imagined it.

The products from Nanoleaf have always left much to be desired in my opinion, esp in light of price point, UNTIL “ canvas”. 25 squares of a Canvas design is worth every possible penny and wish I’d spent my dollars on that instead. The idea of Elements “ sounds great, elegant and brilliant idea. The 11 panels I mounted reproducing the “ fireplace “ pattern is simply … well a rip off. I get it, the brand name is more valuable so are the cost so for the product. But the “ wood grain resemblance “ oin a black and white octagon much like the “ Shapes “ line now older putdsted and franlkly sort of cheap lookin compared to the newer products now like canvas and all following ideas they sell , is just sorry, but silly looking. I can’t even sell the “ shapes “ stock I have online for a discounted heavily offer. The z elements line is basically a similar combo of shapes with some small , small hint of the canvas’ abilities. The color from Elements , which is the same as any choice from a smart build that chooses white bright temp. Values to deep warm light values uin degrees Kelvin, and still the animation abilities did push me to look to relaxing in a cold evening by the fire in a dark room at night, better yet with a certain “ special lady “ next to me had I found any good ones left that is; the thought grabbed me. Even relaxing at night to see wood grain matching walls light up intrigued me. I’ve thought a lot on how to improve the whole idea the Nanoleaf designers could help the full potential be reached. But my input is not worth anything as long as ppl buy more. I doubt this will sustain popularity or functional value as the canvas squares. But still , kudos for thinking outside the box, pun intended - after the fact though. But if I could have these mount flush into a carved out template of the design to match a wood grain or even hardwood floor ceiling, anything that allows the pattern to remain flush ( ie, in hardwood flooring cut the flooring panels to fit the Elena’s design temple, the cover with a transparent glasslike and safe to walk on surface for protection. I visualize paths illuminated at night as you step from bed to no longer feel blindly for landmarks to the bathroom: instead a “ yellow brick road lights the way as pressure upon the glass surface transfers to the element and lights up the path to relief of the bladder to relief or the nightmare your child may have as subdued warmth comforts them as they find a yellow brick road to the mother or father in bed to Comfort them, or eventually a yellowish dark road leading out to the yard to get a message into the child. I speak of experience so I’m not offending anyone but depricatinf self! Soma my potential evolutions for this I imagine easily myself. But for now honestly, it’s an overpriced nightlight. I’ll give it time to judge however. Nanoleaf Is a pioneer in this niche and allowances should be made. ( indeed for both consumers and the vendor at that! ). Picture the future though. For now, I do feel a bit mislead at a time in the world that this cost is more significant than before with inflation and economic uncertainty. I should have done my homework on this and accept the blame.

Austin Esser
Won’t connect to my Home Hub or Nanoleaf app

I have to manually turn it on, which is pretty disappointing. Not worth the price.



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