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Replacement Hexagon Panel for Nanoleaf Shapes


Product Overview

Replacement single panel compatible with all Nanoleaf Shapes and Connect+ products.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Nanoleaf Shapes light panel
  • [1] Rigid Linker for Nanoleaf Shapes
  • [1] Mounting Tape for Nanoleaf Shapes

Requires Controller and Power Supply Unit sold separately. Learn more at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Shapes product line.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gabriel Feliciano
Just buy it

Awesome lights I wish they had Mini hexagons two and other types of shapes not just mini Triangle

Yuri Rodriguez
Amazing customer service

One of my hexagons had a weird display and the costumer service rep was great and issued a replacement immediately. Shipping was fast!

Christina P
Same issue

The same issue for quality was found on the ones you sent as replacements. I connected each of the hex shapes and they have, in various places, shown an issue with the white lights appearing and there not being a smooth transition from one to the other. Perhaps this is a poor description but what I do know is you cannot see the white light on the edges of the ones I currently own but you can on the ones you sent, the ones I sent back and I am not a fan of that.

Instead of fighting this fight for another two months of trade off - and risking new ones that are also not working correctly- I bought a new base pack from Best Buy and returned the defective panels - replacing them with good ones from the pack from Best Buy.

I am debating on if this means changing the pattern I want and leaving things as why are or if this means that I should only buy from Best Buy rather than from the nano store for fear if there being an issue. I do know for sure though it means that I’ll be testing all the lights before hanging them to avoid some of the issues I have with the shape hexagons.

yuriy vlasov

No complaints, good service. Just wish communication was faster.

Black lines in the corners of these too.

Got a 7 pack of the hexagon shaped Nanoleaf lights. Went out on Boxing Day and got an additional 3 pack. The 3 pack looked so different to the 7 I was gifted. The 3 pack had weird black lines in the corners of all the lights. Reached out to Nanoleaf and the rep said they were defective and they would send me these three to replace them.

These three showed up and one was worse then the other ones (black lines throughout the hex) and the other two still had the big black lines in the corners again. Reached out to customer service (different rep) - this time they said they weren’t defective but were an older generation and that only the one would need to be replaced. I disagreed as nowhere in any of their advertising does it show these lights with black lines in the corners. I was then asked to ship the three back and reach out to them when they were returned to remind them not to ship me old generation hexagons as the second replacements.

For the price I’m surprised they would try and pass off clearly inferior builds as worth the same amount of money as the newer generation ones. When they are combined - the first gen stick out like sore thumbs next to the second gen.

Customer service has been easy to deal with but the fact that I keep getting lights that look lousy compared to the others I was gifted is really disappointing. The fact that nanoleaf is trying to pass them off as the same product is frustrating to me as well.

You can’t sell an iPhone X as an iPhone 11 and the same reasoning should be applied here. Discount the first generation hex’s if you want to sell them, don’t try and pull the wool over customers eyes. Hoping for proper replacements this time. Will update review after they have arrived. I love the idea of these but so far I have been let down over the build quality.

Hi! Our apologies for the quality of the delivered Hexagon Shapes. This is definitely not on par with our standards and something we take seriously. Please follow up on your support ticket and we’ll notify our team and get back to you as soon as possible.



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