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Product Overview

All the beauty of Nanoleaf lighting, in a convenient RGBCCWW smart lightstrip. 80in | 2m Starter Kit and 40in | 1m Expansion available.

What's in the Box? (Starter Kit)

  • [1] 80in | 2m RGBCCWW, Self-Adhesive Lightstrip
  • [1] Controller
  • [1] 120V Power Supply (2-prong Canada/USA plug)
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

What's in the Box? (Expansion)

  • [1] 40in | 1m RGBCW, Self-Adhesive Lightstrip
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

Each Lightstrips Controller supports a continuous length up to 400in | 10m. Multiple controllers can be grouped and operated together in the Nanoleaf App. Learn more at

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I managed to get the starter kit via the Apple Store. Installed it and used it for three days but ultimately I had to tear it down. The basic problem is that the light strip was extremely unresponsive. Sometimes the Apple Home app would indicate the light strip is off when it is clearly on or vice versa. This is even a problem in the Nanoleaf app itself - the app would have a rotating circle. Turning on or off the light strip has a latency of at least a few seconds, which is quite unacceptable.

In the end, I gave up and forked out the cash for a more well-established competitor's product. Even though it is about $20 more expensive, that light strip worked flawlessly and was instantaneous.

Bottomline - if you plan to use this light strip in an environment that you can tolerate a few seconds delay or you are willing to have to click the app multiple times to turn on or off the light, you can buy this light strip and save yourself a few dollars. For me, it is simply not worth the aggravation.

Excellent Product

Bought four starter kits for the kitchen. Setup was a breeze in HomeKit, they work perfectly, and since I have a HomePod mini in the room, they use Thread which allows instant response, no lag. Very happy with these. My only complaint is that I need lots of expansion packs and only the short ones are available. Hopefully they will be restocked soon. I would also like to recommend support for HomeKit adaptive lighting.

Light Strips were unusable. Processed a refund that wasn't fulfilled.

Amateur mistake. I bought a light strip that required a startup kit to use. I processed a refund. Returned the light strip with the return label sent. Unfortunately it was mailed back to me saying the address on their label was insufficient. I now have an unusable product and am out the money spent.

Good luck!

Interesting how the extensions remain to be the only thing in stock with the starter kit and the light bulb as usual being out of stock and good luck getting either!

Poor description

I purchase the Nanoleaf light strip and I thought that I was getting something that was going to integrate seamlessly into my home, little that I know that all the information on the website was not accurate. I thought that besides the thread capabilities I was still getting the Wi-Fi settings that all your products already since the website advertise Google assistance capabilities however if you don't have a thread compatible device you are stuck with a device that takes too long to connect since it only relays on Bluetooth.

Thread is new technology and I understand that It will kick-off eventually, however, getting a device that only works on Bluetooth it's like going back 5 years or more and I can't use it until I purchase a thread compatible device and to use it with Google and I need or ether the nest router or the Google hub Max, the technology is so new that there are only 2 devices on google's end that handle this technology.

I would love if you CLARIFY on your website what it is that your customers are buying I was so disappointed knowing that I can only use my light on Bluetooth since I don't have a thread compatible device to use with the assistant.

I always recommend Nanoleaf since you guy does an amazing job with the pannels but I can't recommend this light if to work as intended I need to spend more money on a device that I don't need at to fully use these lights.



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