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Product Overview

All the beauty of Nanoleaf lighting, in a convenient RGBCW smart bulb. A19 | A60 available now, with more coming soon.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb
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Nanoleaf Essentials products work over Bluetooth LE or Thread. Multiple lights can be grouped and operated together in the Nanoleaf App. Learn more at

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Not as bright as I hoped

The colors aren’t as bright as Hue’s, but the yellow and white light are on par. If the nanoleaf app was able to use my HomePod’s mics to make the bulbs dance, it would make up for it. Hopefully in a future update? I’d also love an apple TV app for content sync, since Essentials are tailor made for Apple users. Next on my wishlist: hurry up with the switches! My roommate keeps turning off my lights! Besides that, the design is great, but the build doesn’t look as premium. I’m talking about the seam that runs on the side of the head. Not so pretty.

Looks stylish and beautiful

This looks so cool and beautiful.

Bright and Colorful

The bulbs are very bright, even when just using colors instead of white light, with a high range of brightness available. I can't speak for their Thread functionality because I don't have any other thread devices, but the Bluetooth can be a little spotty, in general though they seem to connect just fine to my Google Nest Audio. I do wish the app offered some more features, it feels a little lacking as you can currently only set a static color/brightness, but nothing dynamic other than the Circadian Rythm which I don't think has worked for me. I have been able to set automated routines through the Google Home app though. I assume more features will come with future updates.

Overall they are great bulbs, they are very attractive in their design and offer excellent colors/brightness, I just feel the software is a little low on features at this point.

great bulbs

bulbs work great no problems seting up.

Best smart bulbs

If you don’t get these you are making a mistake. Those Phillips bulbs are a straight rip off once nanoleaf created these. Nanoleaf please make more sizes!!!!



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