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Chemist Bundle (12 Lines)

Fresh from the lab, this is one design sure to get a big (chemical) reaction! Unleash your inner mad scientist with this chemisty-inspired bundle! This Lines bundle comes with 12 Light Lines and all the mounting supplies you'll need to create the Chemist design, or your own creation! Modular and easy to use, install on any flat surface using the included Mounting Tape; no additional tools required. 

What's In The Box?

12x Light Lines
12x Mounting Connectors & Caps
1x Controller Cap
13x Mounting Plates & Tape
1x Processor & Power Connector
1x 100VAC - 120VAC Power Supply (US/CA)
1x Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Smith
Great addition to my room where I couldn't add a lamp due to lack of floor space

Looks great and works great. I made the mistake of misinterpreting the written instructions. I highly recommend watching installation videos. I thought according to written instructions it came with to do it (adhere it to wall) all at once.. which may be the case for close loop designed but for longer singular designs it makes it difficult with two people even and makes it impossible to set up even and straight.

Had an issue with the power adapter, make sure you don't touch anything metal with the flat piece when it's plugged in, big sparks...

Customer service was absolutely fantastic and replaced my power adapter, and I got some new adhesives to even the design out.

Lights were much brighter than I thought, as the lumens seemed like it may be lacking but perfect for my room.

Joshua Fisher

I am very pleased with the lights like you very much

Eric Theriault
Love these!!

I love them, there easy to assemble, bright colors, great color customizable options. I would recommend to everyone.

Vidhu R
Very good

very good!

Silas Gleasman

I love this product, and I am excited to expand even more!



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