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Light Panels Expansion Pack

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Level up your design by adding panels with the Nanoleaf Light Panels Expansion Pack.

What's in the Box?

  • [3] Nanoleaf Light Panels
  • [3] Linkers for connecting panels and Controller
  • [12] Double-sided adhesive Mounting Tape
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

Each Nanoleaf Light Panels Controller supports up to 30 panels. Learn more at Power supply sold separately, requires the Controller sold with all Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kits. Does not work with Nanoleaf Shapes.

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Light Panels Expansion Pack

Hello Branson! Apologies for the experience. We’d love to hear more about your feedback. If you could get in touch with our support team at we’d be happy to help!

Great product

We love buying expansion packs to add to our collection. They make our Nanoleaf design change every time. It's like a beautiful piece of art!

My second purchase

I couldn't have been happier with my initial set and I'll be buying more. The mobile and PC apps are much improved.

I have never been disappointed.

I am now a proud owner of over 100 canvas squares and 21 set panel (amongst a bunch of bulbs and a light strip from their essentials line). I’ve gone way over budget, not a douche trying to brag, the product is flawless in my opinion. I purchased for work but ended up just going ham in my house. I love it what can I say. The customizable possibilities are endless, the music sync is out of this world especially when you get can save up and get enough to cover an entire wall. I’m about to use their flex connectors and see what taking them around corners will look like. Customer service has been excellent. Nothing but good things to say. Oh and I just purchased the smart ivy which seems to be out of date or no longer a priority but I am obsessed with it. You can’t go wrong. If you have troubles, don’t stress, their team is really helpful and READ the MANUALS. Nothing but good vibes everyone, stay safe and stay vibrant!

Colors make you happy

Love the Nanoleafs 🤩
I have 30 triangles hooked up . The app lets you create new colors and designs and lets you choose which panels you want lit up. It’s endless fun.

Customer Reviews

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