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Nanoleaf Light Panels SMK – Rhythm Edition | Triangle | White | 9 Pack | NA

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Product Overview

Our flagship triangular light panels that are modular and easy to use! Install on any flat surface using the included adhesive mounting system.

What's in the Box?

  • [9] Light Panels
  • [1] Nanoleaf Rhythm Music Visualizer
  • [1] Controller
  • [1] 120V Power Supply (2-prong Canada/USA plug)
  • [9] Linkers for connecting panels and Controller
  • [28] Double-sided adhesive Mounting Tape
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

Each standard 60W PSU supports up to 30 triangles (2W per panel). Each Controller supports up to 30 panels. Learn more at

Customer Reviews

Based on 1324 reviews
Ryan Cruz
Classic still the goat

The classic panels are still my favorite, ultra reliable, works with my existing setup!

Modesto Gonzalez
Great lights

This is my third pack and loving it

sep zed
Best lights in my house

I've had these for 5 years now and love them. Their app is really good and so much customization. To make a simple philips hue bulb change color like a candle, you have to click on so many buttons and make a formula or something and then you can't edit it anymore. Gotta delete and make a new one. With these you can just make the panels do whatever you want. Can't imagine what their new ones can do. All my friends love it

Chris Vu
The OGs were perfect

The classic Nanoleafs were really incredible. Still rocking a set of these a few years later and would highly recommend anyone to pick up a kit if they can get their hands on one.

Still works perfect 5 years later

It's sad to see these go but the newer ones seems promising. So far, these are still great even after 5 years. No issues with anything.

Customer Reviews

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