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Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit

Kit Size

Product Overview

Touch-sensitive light squares that are modular and easy to use! Install on any flat surface using the included mounting system.

What's in the Box?

  • [9] Canvas Light Squares
  • [1] Controller
  • [1] 120V Power Supply (2-prong Canada/USA plug)
  • [9] Linkers for connecting panels and Controller
  • [28] Double-sided adhesive Mounting Tape
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

Each standard 24W PSU supports up to 25 light squares (1W per square). Each Controller supports up to 500 panels. Learn more about Nanoleaf Canvas at

Customer Reviews

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Gage Wiseman

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit

Tristan Wellings
The first buy

Loved how easy the site was to navigate and was super impressed with the short delivery time for the shapes smarter package I ordered - about 24hrs. The Elements one still doesn't show as shipped yet which is a bit strange, as it was bought the same time as the shapes set although I'm hoping worth the wait! The first setup and test were pretty awesome. There are tons of preset colour options and many more customizations. The only hiccup I had was sticking them to the wood wall panelling at home as the panel shifted, the connector disconnected, took a few adjustments but the connections all worked out. Hoping to see the Elements package arrive shortly!

Great for beginning or expanding!

Whether new to Nanoleaf products, or looking to expand your existing Shapes, etc. the Canvas is a great choice. Installation is very easy, and in many ways simpler and easier to use than the more advanced products. However, that doesn’t mean that the Canvas isn’t just as remarkable as the others; I personally enjoy using the Canvas product line in smaller and/or more private rooms, such as the master bedroom / master bathroom.

Amazing Product with Prompt Delivery

Nanoleaf products are amazing and their shipping service is excellent too.

Ben C
Love them. Have over 150 panels. Software/firmware always improving

I started building out my Nanoleaf canvas wall art in 2019 and now have over 150 panels! The software UI/UX via iOS is getting better all the time while the firmware updates have made the wi-fi connection more robust. Just a few pointers.

1. DO NOT use the included double sided sticky tape. Once cured, they will rip the paint off the wall if you try to pry the panel off. 3M command strips are much gentler on the wall.
2. It is IMPOSSIBLE to line up 150 panels perfectly due to manufacturing tolerances, sticky tape and natural undulations on drywall surfaces.

Even a professional carpenter was unable to help me get the panels to line up100%

3. When turned off, such a massive footprint makes the wall look unattractive.

All in all in 2021, i’m happy with the user experience after two LONG years of software and firmware updates.

Customer Reviews

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