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Elements 10PK Soft Bundle

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Lauren HendricksLauren
Looks great but hard to set up

I really like the look of our Elements. It was fun thinking of and trying out different designs (the tool in the app really helps). But, we have had a fair bit of trouble with getting things connected. First we couldn't get them to pair. We were able to do it manually, but we can't connect to them unless we connect directly to the Elements WiFi network (instead of being able to stay connected to our normal home network and interact with them easily in the app). It's still not clear from the instruction materials how it is *supposed* to be, but talking to friends with other Nanoleaf setups, it sounds like we shouldn't have to connect directly to the Elements network every time. At least we can turn it on with the controller, but the default setting is a bit frantic so it would be nice to be able to manipuate the settings more easily. I also wish there were more "scenes" and/or the ability to modify the presets.

Fun and easy to setup

Lighting that’s fun and easy to use.

Sara Jessick
Great, but not quite perfect.

I bought both the Elements 10PK Soft Bundle and the Nanoleaf Essentials | Smart BR30 | 750Lm | White | 2700K-6500K | 120V | E26, NA | 3 Pack at the same time. The Elements Soft Bundle was easy to put together on my wall above my bed. However, there weren't enough connectors in the pack to link all of the panels together, securely. So I had to kind of pick-and-choose where to place them, in a strategic way, rather than being able to be more thorough with their placement. As far as linking it to my Alexa Echo Dot, it took a few tries, but once I stopped using the Nanoleaf app, in tandem with the Echo Dot, and just used the Echo Dot on its own, it worked a lot smoother. For the Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Bulbs, this is where I have more of an issue. I have to use the Nanoleaf app for the bulbs, since they won't connect to my kitchen with Alexa Echo Dot. So, depending on which room I'd like to control, I need to switch between the Echo Dot and the app. Really wish I had more thorough connectivity throughout my home, but... I guess nothing can be perfect when it comes to technology and all of the kinks and extra pathways of connecting everything together. Just a lot of different linking together parts that make it quite confusing and frustrating at times.

Rachel Steele
Wonderful decoration

With the right setting, it is like having a fireplace.

Phillip L
Great purchase!

I purchased 16 tiles to put above my bed as an alternative to a headboard and absolutely love the look! So easy to set up too.



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