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75W In-Wall PSU for Nanoleaf Canvas


Product Overview

Replacement or additional power supply units for all Nanoleaf Canvas products. Available in 24W | Plug-In, 75W | Plug-In, and 75W | In-Wall models.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Low-Voltage A/C Power Supply Unit for Nanoleaf Canvas
  • [1] Type A plug for Nanoleaf Canvas (US/CA)
  • [1] 240" / 610cm cord (75W models only)
For optimal performance, do not use both 24W and 75W power supplies in the same Nanoleaf Canvas system. In-Wall models connect discretely to building electrical wiring, and must be installed by a certified electrician only. Learn more about the Nanoleaf Canvas at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Canvas product line.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
great power supply for 50 tile setups

After upgrading to the larger PSU lights are nice and evenly lit! It is a must upgrade for a larger setup.

Aiden Has a Problem

I have two Nanoleaf setups, one consists of 24 Aurora panels and the other, 84 Canvas panels.

I have tried many methods to attach my panels to the wall, including 3M Command strips, Velcro, and even glue. By far, the best attaching method I’ve used is the Nanoleaf two-sided mounting tabs. I’m not sure what was on Aiden’s walls before he mounted his panels, because I’ve never had even a single panel “fly off the wall”, when I used the a Nanoleaf mounting tabs.

Not in “about a day”.
Not ever.

...and I have many of my panels mounted on my ceiling.

Now, let’s analyze Aiden’s off-the-wall claims concerning additional costs one will certainly incur, from Nanoleaf products insanely difficult installation process...

Aiden claims he spent $300 on tape, just to mount his Canvas panels. $300?! How many panels do you have, bro? 5,000?
I’m sure we can all agree that cost is just a little on the inflated side. Aiden then goes on to claim he had to shell-out an additional $300 to an electrician, to simply install the in-wall power supply...

I hate to shame anyone for lacking knowledge in a particular area, and I know Nanoleaf recommends hiring a professional to install the power supply, but dude...

Locate an area in a wall where there is likely to be a part of your home’s electrical circuit. (an outlet, switch or light fixture are all pretty sure bets)
Cut a hole in the wall large enough to allow access to the wiring, as well as to insert and mount the power supply. Disconnect your home’s electrical circuit at the breaker box.
Splice into the power line, and connect the white to white, black to black and ground to ground, securing with marrettes. Connect the output of the power supply to the Canvas control panel.
Reconnect your home’s electrical circuit at the breaker box.
Repair the hole in your wall, using a drywall patch kit, and drywall compound.

If you consider this basic electrical work to be out of your scope, or you simply don’t feel comfortable carrying out any electrical work in your home, that is fine. Just remember, that shortcoming is yours, not Nanoleaf’s.

Electricians are notoriously expensive, and you should have known that you weren’t going to install the power supply on your own at the time you placed your order. Trying to pass that off as a problem with the product is extremely disingenuous, weakens the integrity of the product review community and is totally unfair.

That being said, I am very impressed by the performance and convenience provided by the power supply. It’s far superior to the multiple power adapter solution, in larger, multi-kit installations. No exposed wires means an improved aesthetic for your panel setup.

Professional Set-up

I don’t like seeing wires for anything in my home. The in-wall power supply allows you to connect energy to your design with wires hidden, creating the professional look it deserves.

Nanoleaf Has a Problem

Tape that comes with the units is absolute garbage. These will fly off your wall in about a day. Had to spend 300 dollars on tape and another 300 on an electrician.
Loved my prior panels but the canvas ones have been a huge problem and are not worth the money.

Customer Reviews

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