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75W PSU for Nanoleaf Canvas

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Product Overview

Replacement or additional power supply units for all Nanoleaf Canvas products. Available in 24W | Plug-In, 75W | Plug-In, and 75W | In-Wall models.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Low-Voltage A/C Power Supply Unit for Nanoleaf Canvas
  • [1] Type A plug for Nanoleaf Canvas (US/CA)
  • [1] 120" / 305cm cord
  • [1] 240" / 610cm cord
For optimal performance, do not use both 24W and 75W power supplies in the same Nanoleaf Canvas system. Learn more about the Nanoleaf Canvas at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Canvas product line.

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Thacker
Where are these????

How can something the app requires for the panels to function appropriately always be out of stock 🙄

would be five star if it wasn’t for lack of stock

I genuinely enjoy the nanoleaf canvas but ordering accessories is a nightmare you guys have created a genuinely remarkable product however after buying 75 of your units I have no interest in purchasing more due to the fact that you never have power supply units in stock. My intended goal was to purchase 500 units but your company cannot adequately keep in available in stock supply of power supply units for customers. that’s how you lose customers. otherwise it’s a good product

Hi Fatjon! Thank you for your feedback. Apologies for the experience you’ve had with us. We would like to hear more from you about what we can do to help. Please reach out to our support team at

Matt ciolino

75W PSU for Nanoleaf Canvas

50 tiles

Two sets of 50 canvas tiles looks stunning.

Mike Riewer
What the...

So I have a large display of 100+ tiles in my office. I have had (5) 25watt power supplies and saw this 75 watt one and figured I'd try it out to eliminate some of the wires. While it powers things perfectly, I get a notice from my control panel that apparently it isn't compatible with the 25 watt units and I need to replace them with new 75 watts units for full functionality? I'm not gonna lie, this feels pretty scammy, and I'm not sure how a power supply can create an upgrade path that I now must take? Not good guys, you're better than this...

Hi Mike! We apologize for the confusion. Our 75W Canvas PSU will be able to handle up to 75 Panels together without any issues, in your case, you have a 100 Panels you will require 2x 75W PSUs - Please follow this link provided as it will guide to you a solution.



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